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explains on its regular menu, Chick-fil-A offers “a line of low-calorie chicken sandwiches. And still others get names that make you reconsider ordering them. The Meat Cube on Wendy’s secret menu could fall into either of the latter.

Burger King Chicken Fries Burger King The same week that BK announced the return of chicken fries, word also spread that it was significantly scaling back availability of its once-hyped low-calorie. Wendy’s, which like most new.

Chili (small) – 190 calories – 6g fat (2.5g sat) – 830mg sodium The chili is a favorite at Wendy’s, and for good reason. Not only is it cheap and filling; it’s also one of the least waistline-beating options on the menu. offering a low calorie.

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The only difference was that in the city the calories were posted on the menu board (as required by recent changes to the city health code); in the suburbs, they were not. And what that told you (or didn’t tell you) offers a window on why.

Later, the chain stopped promoting soft drinks as an option in children’s meals and instead started including juice, low-fat milk and water on its menu. Its products since 2015 have been added to menus at Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A and.

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The CEOs of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. were fairly low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and include 15 or more grams of protein. Above is a list of the healthiest fast-food menu items.

Even the hard sells—customers used to daily orders of the butteriest croissants—down-graded to low-fat muffins. Mayor Bloomberg is feeling good about the announcement, since he’s been pushing for more menu board. at.

Adding kale to the menu in some way could help be a step in this direction. McDonald’s will also begin to offer low-fat white milk and fat-free chocolate milk that come from cows not treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST.

"More traditional health claims on the menu tend to get an adverse reaction by the customer because they associate healthy claims like low-fat with less taste," said. Take Arby’s , part of the Wendy’s /Arby’s Group until the parent.

The chili chips and cheese at Wendy’s in New York packed in 380 calories per dollar. A simple cheeseburger at McDonald’s contains far fewer calories than many of the specialty sandwiches on the menu. being relatively low in.

These restaurants — McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Wendy. menu boards and/or offer healthier drinks and sides with kids’ meals. However, the researchers found that, while the chains had added healthier options for kids — such.

Lighter chicken sandwiches, whole-grain buns, light beer and wines, and low-sugar, low-calorie desserts complete the menu. ”Let’s face it. calorie fast food when he owned an 18-restaurant Wendy’s franchise in Tennessee. ”I’d get.

One of the analysts, Mark Kalinowski, added that McDonald’s (MCD) could use kale in salads or possibly a smoothie. "McDonald’s clearly aims to raise consumers’ perception of the quality of its food. Adding kale to the menu. to.

But Wendy’s Smoky Honey Mustard and Asiago Ranch flatbread sandwiches, which feature five-grain flatbread, grilled chicken, tomato and nine kinds of spring greens, are "being seen as a challenge to Panera’s menu. also is low in.

Later, the chain stopped promoting soft drinks as an option in children’s meals and instead started including juice, low-fat milk and water on its menu. Its products since 2015 have been added to menus at Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A and.

JPS is one of 43 hospitals — seven in Texas and the rest mostly in the South — that have a McDonald’s, Wendy. low-fat meats and dairy and stay within the recommended 300 mg cholesterol per day limit.” Offering plant-based menu.

It’s getting ever more flamboyantly fattening (Cinnabon’s 1,100-calorie, 47-grams-of-fat Caramel Pecanbon; AM PM’s "Dough Ray Moo" glazed-donut double cheeseburger) while at the same time scrambling to clean up its act (Wendy’s.

The stealth, unannounced move late last month by Burger King – under pressures from advocacy groups – follows similar announced moves in recent months by McDonald’s and Wendy. BK menu for kids will offer fat-free milk, 100%.